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Counting our Blessings #JOYNinthanks

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I remember one day, maybe 6 months after we moved to India, I was riding my scooter up to my house and I had a thing of butter hanging from a baggy in one hand and 5 eggs hanging from a baggy in the other hand.  I was headed home to finish dinner, thinking I’d do a simple “breakfast” for dinner and serve my boys and husband some yummy french toast with scrambled eggs. When I rounded the corner to home, I saw my neighbor out front of her little house (if you can call it that).  She was in her typical position, squatting on the small dirt floor, using a stick to stir her pot of daal for dinner.  She smiled the biggest smile at me that day and waved.  I ccouldn'twave back since I was clinging to my eggs and butter, but I screamed a happy “Namaste” at her and pulled into my house.  An everyday sort of encounter.


I've begun to realize why “3rd World” countries are now referred to as “The Majority World”. 

When you’re riding home from the store with butter and eggs and you know that 90% of the people you pass on the way can’t afford to buy butter and eggs for their families, you realize that you are the minority.

Eggs and butter are a luxury.

I didn't know that till I was 32.



As we enter this Thanksgiving season, I’m going to make it a point to list simple things I’m thankful for each day.  I’m going to write them down in my planner- next to my list of to-dos.  This way, each day, I’ll be less likely to take them for granted. Gratitude and thanksgiving tend to lead me directly into indescribable JOY and I've finally decided that life is just better that way.  My team is going to JOYN me in this and I challenge you to do the same.


  • Barbara Leach: November 23, 2014

    We recently heard about JOYN at the Kansas City Christian school auction! Our daughter attends high school there…and we were very touched by your story! We hope to support you in prayer and in purchases:) Many blessings from the Leach family of Leawood, KS

  • Jane: November 20, 2014

    Okay, so this must be something lovely that is just happening. Last week I bought 3 small moleskin notebooks for myself, Naomi and Hope and each day we are each writing down one thing we are grateful for. Simple. Not all consuming but a reminder of so much more. So there ya’ go.

  • Rob Callicotet: November 20, 2014

    I hope this spirit never dies. Thank you.

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